Attendance is MANDATORY at all rehearsals and performances. Occasionally a conflict will arise between a WW activity and another academic or school sponsored activity. The Directors prior to the event occurring must clear any conflict of this nature. All absence requests must be turned in via Absence Request Forms. Please understand your absence has a direct effect on the entire program. If a student misses a rehearsal for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to learn what was missed outside of rehearsal hours with a captain or veteran member. Failure to do so could result in the student not being allowed to perform. No student may accrue more than 3 excused absences and 2 unexcused absences. This count begins on the 1st day of rehearsal.

If you know of an absence:

1. Fill out the orange ABSENCE REQUEST form found outside the Band Room and turn into the slot inside the band office.
2. Please use form! Absences will not be accepted via email or phone call, unless it is an emergency.

Excused Absences

All Excused absences must be submitted on a green Student Absence Request form prior to the absence. These forms are located outside the Band Room. Failure to fill out an absence request will result in an automatic unexcused absence. Serious illness, death in the family, marriage in the immediate family, religious obligations, academic responsibilities, or other events approved by the director are the only excused absences. WORK and HOMEWORK are not excused absences. Students may be required to complete make-up work following an EXCUSED absence. Please work to not schedule appointments or vacations during band rehearsal times. Please do not schedule the SAT or ACT on a Contest Day! This will not be counted as an excused absence and you will not perform that day.

Unexcused Absences

Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to: work, practice for other activities (unless pre-approved by the Director), professional concerts/plays, routine doctor appointments, vacations, lack of transportation, and homework. ALL unexcused absences will be reflected in the student’s allowance to perform, and repeat violations could lead to dismissal from the group. If a student is unexcused from the rehearsal the day of a performance, the student will not be permitted to perform that day. If a student has one unexcused or two excused absences from a rehearsal within a one-week period, they may not be allowed to participate in that week’s performances.


If a member is absent from school due to illness, they will not be expected to attend rehearsal, but communication to director is still required. More than two rehearsals missed due to illness will require a note from a doctor to be excused.
The Director should be notified of any heath or physical ailment immediately. As with any physical activity, injuries can and probably will affect students. A doctor’s note should always be obtained in the case of a physical injury. Ongoing or preexisting injuries may lead to reevaluation of the students spot in the show. Students will be required to attend rehearsal while injured to take notes on changes and other information being given by the staff.


Being on time is being 10 minutes early. Being on time is late. Being late is unacceptable. Please arrive to practice and be ready by the noted time. Lateness will result in laps. If you are prepared and ready to go, we can work efficiently and get out on time. That is up to you as a group. If you are going to be late to practice, you need to notify a director. Repeat violations will be reflected in the student’s allowance to perform and could lead to dismissal from the group.