President: Lonnie Phares
Vice President: Joy Rust
Treasurer: Angie Davis
Secretary: Maura Clark

2021-2022 WBBA Committees
Fundraising: Joy Rust
     Butter Braids: Kirsten Casteel, Co-Chair Needed
     Greenery Sale: Chair Needed

     Laundry Soap: Becky Morgan
     Mattress Sale: Kirsten Casteel, Co-Chair Needed

     Benefit Mobile/Amazon Smile/Kroger Rewards: Chair Needed
     Band Blast Car Wash: Trent Phares
     Dine to Donate: Rhonda Craun

     Community Night: Andrew Muth

     Yard Signs: Angie Davis

     Trunk Or Treat: Epstein, Hoffbauer, Alford

     Season Tickets: Chair Needed

     Rise'n Roll: Chair Needed

     Coffee: Chair Needed

Sponsorships: Joy Rust, Co-Chair Needed

Concert Uniforms: Lonnie Phares

2021-2022 Marching Band Committees

Marching Band Uniforms: Lonnie Phares
Marching Band Meals: Stacy Hall
Marching Band Snacks: Julie Santiago
Bus Chaperones: Emily Kidwell

Crossing Guards: Becky Morgan
Props: Scott Hoffbauer

Trailers: Andrew Muth & Peter
Rocks Crew: Josh & Angie Davis
Decorations: Andrew Muth

Awards/End of Year Banquet: Andrew Muth

Goodie Bags: Emily Kidwell

2021-2022 Event Coordinators

Festival of Champions: Julie Lakomek

Craft Show: Maura Clark & Lisa Wallace
Shamrock Showcase Coordinator: Chair Needed
IPA Show Coordinator: Julie Lakomek

Cabaret Coordinator: Chair Needed
Concessions Coordinator: Greg Andelin & Trent Phares
     Concessions Account Manager: Greg Andelin

2021-2022 Area Directors
Marketing Director: Jess Hill, Co-Chair Needed

Social Media Director: Kelly Alford
Communications Director: Chair Needed
     Weekly Newsletter
Charms Director: Greg Stone