WHS Band Boosters

2017-2018 Committees

Annual Awards: Amy Pappas & Annette Hartman

​Band Camp: Jennifer Etchemendy & Molly Baker

Band Community Service: OPEN

Beyond The Band Room: Penny Dollens-Smith

Bulletine Boards & Display Cases: Beth Nichols

Butterbraid Fundraiser: OPEN

Charms Master:​ Mark Enderle

Citrus Sale: Mia Liggett

Competition Coordinator: Julie Wolf

Concert Program Publisher: Karen Maddox

​​Concessions Manager: Luke Klink

Concessions Cash Manger: Jerry Wolfe
Craft Show: Maura Clark, Annette Hartman, Beth Nichols, Donna Shotten, and Alice Weintraut

Grants: OPEN

Graphic Designer: Karen Maddox

Guard Liasion: Heather Wheeler

Hall of Fame: Beth Nichols

IPA Liasion: David Heck

Lawn Chairs & Lemonade: Amy Fields & Kristen Poynts

Locker Decorations: Beth Nichols

Mattress Sale: OPEN

Med Team: Molly Baker

Music Library: OPEN

Music in Our Schools Month: Penny Dollens-Smith

Photographers: Brett Brooks, Kelli Brooks, Mike Coulombe, Lisa McNurlan, Greg Hebert, Andrea Icenogle, Amy Moore, and Craig Thurmond

​Pit Boss: Jim Dechand

Prop Design: Craig Thurmond

Prop Crew: Dave Baker, Brett Brooks, Jim Dechand, Tim Moore, Steve Poynts, Amy Thurmond, and Craig Thurmond

Raffle Ticket Coordinator: Jill Pugh
Scrips: Kristen Poynts

Shamrock Pride Band Blast Car Wash: David Baker

Shamrock Showcase Coordinator: Heather Wheeler

ShamWalkers: Stephanie Votaw & Sarah Robbins

Social Media: Tanya Miles & Shannon Sevick

Spirit Nights: Mia Liggett

Spirit Wear: Mia Liggett

Sponsorships: Jen Etchemendy, Nicky McConnell and Steve Poynts

Treasurer's Assistant: Teresa Dechand

Trip Coordinator: Wendy Vivirito

Trunk or TreatAndrea Icenogle

Uniforms: Stacey Chianis, Kristen Poynts, Margi Wagner and Ceri Waite

United in Spirit: Mia Liggett

Volunteer Coordinator: Julie Wolf

Webmaster: Jerry Richardson

Yard Signs: Amy Dalton Fields