The Pride of Westfield Marching Band

The Pride of Westfield is the Westfield High School Marching Band located in Westfield, Indiana, and is the 2021 ISSMA Scholastic A State Champion. 

We are currently open to new members! Please visit our POW22 InfoHub to see our rehearsal calendar, fees, 2022 show info, and of course, registration form!


Who is eligible for membership?
The Pride of Westfield is open to all WWS students in grades 8-12, with Percussion and Guard also open to 7th graders. We will compete in ISSMA and Bands of America competitions for the 2022 season. The group is made up of advanced level WMS and WHS students.

The Pride of Westfield is a competitive ensemble much like any other sport. In order to be successful, students must be able to commit a large portion of time and effort to the program in and out of rehearsal time. It takes everyone’s commitment and effort to be successful. To “earn your dot” in the competition show it is mandatory for students to meet the attendance requirements outlined in the attendance policy.

Are there auditions to be in the Pride of Westfield?
The Pride of Westfield is a non-auditioned group for all wind players. Students that are interested in filling a percussion role will need to do a brief audition to determine placement in either the drumline or front ensemble. The color guard will complete a performance evaluation to determine weapon line placement. Everyone who is in the eligible grade levels that is willing to put forth the time and effort required to participate in the marching arts is welcome to join.

So...What Is Marching Band, anyway?
A marching band is a group of instrumental musicians who perform while marching, often for entertainment or competition. Instrumentation typically includes brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments, as well as a color guard that includes dancers, flag work, and "weapon" work. A marching band show is usually around 8 minutes in length with a theme that tells a story. using music, movement, costumes and props.