2019-2020 WHS School Calendar

2019-2020 SUMMER Competitive Marching Band Guard

2019-2020 SUMMER Competitive Marching Band Hornline

2019-2020 SUMMER Competitive Marching Band Percussion

2019-2020 SUMMER Competitive Marching Band and Guard Band Camp Schedule

Fall 2019 Competitive Marching Band and Guard Schedule (8/11/19 update)

2019-2020 Shamrock Pride Student Handbook: Click Here


Shamrock Pride Competitive Marching Band (Competitive Band, Guard and Percussion): Mandatory Dates are: Spring Call-Out Meeting, Freshmen Camp, Leadership Training (for those wanting to be in band leadership), Full Band Music Camp, Full Band Movement Camp, Marching Band Camp, mini-camps and all competitions. A 75% attendance requirement applies to all other scheduled dates. The absence request form is available for download here. Absence request forms must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the planned absence. Submission of forms does not necessarily guarantee an excused absence. Unexcused absences and absences that are not communicated will count against the student. Poor attendance and/or unexcused absence during mandatory dates will likely result in assignment as alternate. 

All Other Programs (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Jazz Band): Attendance for performances is expected.

2019-2020 Fees: 

Fees must be up to date for continued participation in WHS Band Programs. The 2019-2020 fee schedules for each program follow:

Please feel free to pay the full amount at the beginning of the year or split payments according to the schedule below. Payments dropped off in the Band Booster box must be in an envelope with the student’s name and what the payment is to be applied to. Checks must be made out to Westfield Band Boosters and have the student’s name written in the memo field of the check.

2019-2020 Shamrock Pride Competitive Marching Band and Color Guard:

Due Date                                     1st child     subsequent child         

June 7, 2019                                $150                     $140                               

July 5, 2019                                 $150                     $140                             
August 9, 2019                            $125                     $120                               
September, 6, 2019                    $100                    $ 75                          

                                                       $525                    $475

2019-2020 All In-Class Bands:

All In-Class Band payments may be paid in full at any time or $30 per trimester due each trimester, 30 days from billing. Please note, we are referring to classes your students take during the school day.  These classes include but are not limited to: Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Symphonic and In-Class Jazz Band.  Extra Curricular Jazz Program fees are listed separately.

2019-2020 Extra Curricular Jazz Program:

Fee will be $75. Dates and Program Details are TBD.


2019-2020 Winter Guard, Winter Winds and IPA:

Due Date                              Amount Due
December 1, 2019            25% of total Fee
January 1, 2020                 50% of total Fee
February 1, 2020               25% of total Fee

2018-2019 Forms:

2019-2020 WHS Bands Financial Policy

These forms are required only for Competitive Marching Band Members:

2018-2019 WHS Bands Competitive Marching Band Commitment Form

2018-2019 WHS Bands Summer Absence Request Form (must be submitted 30 days in advance) 

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