Hot Weather Guidelines:

It is critical that our marching band students following the guidelines outlined below to maintain their personal safety during outdoor summer rehearsals.

ACCLIMATE: Students should acclimate themselves to the heat by slowly and progressively training outdoors before marching season starts. Establish a regular workout regimen throughout the summer months that includes stretching, walking and exercise.

ATTIRE: Students should wear light colored, light-weight, loose fitting clothing and appropriate footwear (tennis shoes, athletic socks). Students should bring an additional change of clothes (or shirt) since the morning sweat may not bring an enjoyable afternoon. Every student should wear sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.


Appropriate hydration begins the day before a marching practice or performance. Students should begin drinking water the day before and avoid sodas and ‘sugar drinks’, as they dehydrate the body. The following is a recommended schedule for
hydration the day of:

1) Drink a minimum 20 ounces of water or sports drink 2-3 hours before
2) Drink 20 ounces more of water or sports drink 30 minutes before practice.
3) Check the color of your urine. Generally speaking, the lighter it is, the more hydrated you are.
4) Students are responsible to bring their own water jugs. Every student must bring their water jug. We recommend at least a half-gallon jug. There will be a refill station. 


1) Always eat breakfast/lunch/dinner before marching practice or
performance. Students should not skip meals.
2) Healthy pre-practice/performance meals should consist of items such as fresh fruit, whole grains, toast and peanut butter. Items to avoid include dairy, syrup, and high-sugar cereals.