Jazz Lab Ensemble

-Prerequisite: Membership in a WHS or WMS band during the prior school year or permission of the director

-A course for grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

-A one credit course

-Offered in the second trimester

Students taking this course develop musicianship and specific performance skills through group and individual settings for the study and performance of varied styles of instrumental jazz. Instruction includes the study of the history, formative, and stylistic elements of jazz. Students develop their creative skills through improvisation, composition, arranging, performing, listening, and analyzing. Some time outside of the school day may be scheduled for rehearsals and performances. In addition, a number of public performances may serve as a culmination of daily rehearsal and musical goals. Students must participate in performance opportunities outside of the school day that support and extend the learning in the classroom. This course can be taken each year.