Winter Guard

Winter guard is similar to outdoor color guard, except the performances are indoors on gymnasium floors throughout the winter season. The traditional marching band music heard during the fall season is replaced with a recording of various musical genres. The gymnasium floor is typically covered by an individually designed tarp and props that generally reflect the show being
performed on it. There are several ways to compete through indoor competition circuits such as IHSCGA (Indiana High School Color Guard Association) and WGI (Winter Guard International), but there are many more throughout the United States and the world.

Varsity/Junior Varsity

The WHS Winter Guard is open to all WWS students in grades 4-12. We will be having two groups this season a Varsity (Grades 7-12) and JV (Grades 4-12). Varsity will compete in the IHSCGA and WGI circuits in Class A, and is an auditioned group made up of advanced level WMS and WHS students. The Junior Varsity will compete in IHSCGA Festival Class and is designed for beginning to intermediate level WIS/WMS and WHS students.


Rehearsals will be held at the beginning of November to learn the necessary skills and audition choreography on movement, flag, and weapon. We will have reports in the following categories: flag basics & choreography, rifle basics & choreography, movement basics & choreography, attitude, work ethic, attendance, and effort. We will grade on the levels of mastered, ongoing, and needs improvement. These will be compared to the overall level of the group. A Final Audition will be used to determine placement with in one of the groups.
In order to maintain one’s position in the show, the member must maintain and continue to improve their skills and uphold group expectations. If not, the directors reserve the right to remove someone from a section of the show until expectations can be met. Weapon lines (rifle/sabre) will be set based on skill level within the groups and a secondary audition. Placement on a weapon line during the fall marching band season does not guarantee placement on a weapon line again for the winter.

The Westfield Color Guard program prides its self on being a NO CUT program. Any student who wishes to be a part of the color guard experience is welcome and will be placed in the appropriate group to fit their needs.


As an extracurricular activity, the WHS Winter Guards have to raise our own funds in order to function. The WHS band boosters have a financial policy form that will need to be completed and on file by the due date listed on the form. We do have participation fees for the winter season of $700 for Varsity and $400 for JV. Unfortunately, due to the way the Winter Guard is funded we cannot give sibling discounts. It is very important that we collect the fees so the students will be able to have uniforms, props, equipment, transportation to and from contests, staff, etc.

Complete Information for students and parents including forms, competition schedules, attendance, handbook, travel, etc. is available HERE.